La Bohème

Perfect environment for rent

Ancestral house

Pierre Mayer and Lisette Beaulieu made a wonderful discovery in the heart of the Beauce region. A heaven of peace crowned with an ancestral home and a shed of character. They had to rescue at all costs this jewel of our heritage weathered by time. This legacy from our ancestors had to survive, much longer than us, to honor them.


Unable to remain indifferent in front of this site in peril, Pierre and Lisette took up the challenge of giving a new lease of life to this country-side setting. With hard work, passion and determination, they achieved their goal. Their courage and the generosity of family and friends helped them overcome many pitfalls, making their dream a reality.

At last, LA BOHÈME has been restored.
As a reward, Pierre and Lisette are honored to offer you a private access to this magnificent domain so you can dream better and rest in a bucolic environment. The sunsets are breathtaking and the mountainous landscape is magnificent. The property gives access to a wooded area of 26 hectares complimented with rivers, a lake and trails.

The house, built in 1860 by the settlers of the Beauce region, offers the amenities necessary for a peaceful stay. Furthermore, an artist workshop is available for the creative souls upon pre-arrangement.